Aspirational Dramas

  I'm about to graduate college soon and by soon I mean 3 weeks. I'll be a free woman!!!! CHYEAA lol Let's just pray everythings goes alright and I don't fail any classes. I'm doing ok for now but I'm trying to pull up my GPA before I leave so I need straight As.

After college I plan on immersing myself in my already ongoing career in the film industry. I hope I do well. That's my main worry. I'm scared my work will be too mediocre but it's my dream career.

  As it goes life gets boring even with the best of jobs and so I entertain myself with K-dramas and K-pop at times.

I just finished watching Kim Sam Soon (I have to apologize to my friend about that one. I turned her offer down when she suggested it but recently watched it and it was the most satisfying k-drama I've ever watched. The lead character acted just the way I wanted her too unlike other dramas that let the girl just take insults. lol). 

One of my rules with watching K-dramas is to not watch one that's currently airing because I end up having to wait on the show to post another episode and it's very frustrating. lol It actually is good for me because I will watch a whole series in two days. I like to stay interested and know immediately what happens next but sometimes I can't help myself when it' s really interesting or if it has one of my fave celebs like Lee Minho in it. So currently I'm waiting on Personal Taste to air a new episode.

With the music I'm trying to get to the Wonder Girls and 2PM concert that's happening in ATL on June 5th but for my sister and I to go it's freakin $94.40 that I don't have. :( I'm trying to enter every contest possible to get discounted or free tickets. My favorite Wonder Girls song is "This Time" and "Heartbeat" is my favorite 2PM song. If only, if only, if only...

I only know one of Kim Jong Kook's songs and I love it.

This was a strange mv but I liked it. The only thing I understood was I love you but with just that bit of translation I thought this was a sweet vid.

Thanks Rachel and Grrace for both of you alls suggestions : ),


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