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I really like Amy Winehouse's song "Valerie". It's strange though that I know someone with the same name of the song who's suffers with drug addiction like Amy. Someone particularly close to me who I pray for constantly because I don't want her to end up like Amy. I saw her recently and she was in the worst state I'd ever seen her in before. It kind of scared me. It was like she didn't recognize me and she was really disoriented. When she was younger she'd like to party and do all the typical things people who think they're grown do (drink, smoke, and party). She wasn't a big alchy but she sure is addicted to smoking. It makes me sad that there are going to be more people like her who will not think about the future effects these drugs are going to have on their family and their ability to function.

O how I  wish I could go into more details about her life but these tragic tales have been told over and over again yet few heed the warnings…