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Update Into My Mind

Happy New Year!! Unlike others I'm not really anticipating anything great this year. Our nation seems to be going on a downward spiral so I'm pretty concerned about it becoming a socialist nation. You see I'm a bit afraid of having to grow up and start a family in an oppressive country which I wasn't even born into. The only thing that's helped me stay calm through my anxiety of the future is the promise that Christ will take care of the needs of His children. With that promise I know Christ is greater than the law and he will provide for my family and I no matter what situation. I don't want people to be misled so I'll add this: Just because things go bad for His children doesn't mean that He's neglecting us. As long as our spiritual needs are taken care of Christ promised food and clothing (the essentials).

On a lighter note...
the things I hope come to past chronologically:

I finish my last quarter of college
I live to turn 20
My family gets to wi…