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The Heart of the Matter: Waiting

Just me thinking my way out of a depressed mood. The Lord was helping me as you can see. This is also an example of one ways the Lord speaks to those who seek Him.

 Have you ever had hope deferred? (Proverbs 13:12) It's a painful thing. I'm on the brink (of letting go / giving up). But I find that I'm like Stacie Orrico -still holding on. "Are you still holding on to your [faith? Live life your way!]" (Job 2:9)  I know those who overcome have great rewards (James 1:12-13) and I've failed enough times already. I'm really sick of not living up to the potential that God has established for me. I know he won't let me be tempted beyond what I can bare (1 Corinthians 10:13) so the only explanation for my failures are that I gave up when it got hard. These test are here to make us stronger (James 1:2-3). Like when you just start exercising and you can't run a mile but when you strive and push yourself a little more each day your body learns to r…

Fall Favorites: Fashion

I meant to get this out in October but November is still the fall so it's ok. I'm playing my Seasonal Outfits game again but this time I'm focusing on the Fall season- Autumn. So for those who don't know, this game is just about my imagination running wild. This time I picked states and venues I'd like to visit along with the outfits I'd like to wear in the Autumn season.

Aspen, Colorado - Viceroy Snowmass Mountain Resort

Clothes: Top- Rue21's Cascade Belted Wrap, pants- Gap's 1969 Skinny Boot Corduroy, earrings- Betsy Johnson's Leopard Heart Bow, shoes-via Dulce Candy
Hotel by Kiwi Collection
Background by Mike Thomas

Fulton, New York - The Pratt House

Clothes: Top- Rue21's Aztec Lace Dolman, pants- Fashion Lab's Crop Jegging with Suspenders, shoes- Adi Women's Glaze, headgear- Black Scoodie
The Pratt House by Dennieorson
Background by HALLDOR_K

Hiawassee, Georgia - North Georgia Mountain Fair

Clothes: Top- Rue21's Belted Floral Chiffo…