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Ello Poppet,

  Folks ask me to summarize myself and the sentence is usually stated, "Describe yourself." But I can never give an accurate description. First I'm usually pressed for time, secondly I'm not sure how to wrap my entire identity up in a few gratifying sentences. I could be a smart alec and say, "I'm me".  Or I can be vague and just say, "listen to me and you'll find out" :D. Or I could go on and list all of my hobbies and interest which span from genre to genre and could take a while to hear entirely. lol Alas I will try...
  I love rock and jazz. My interest stretch from BBC television and movies to Asian drama's and films. I can watch chick flicks all day and on another day watch whole seasons of Merlin (a medieval fantasy, which I am currently watching). According to sports Parkour is a new name for the reckless child in me yet calm and beautiful ice skating has always peaked my interest also. From rap to classical music, from poetry to crafting, from diva to tomboy I'm not to be stereotyped.

  I can't put myself in a box and tell people this is who I am and this is how I will always be. My interest from day to day changes and grows. You really expect me to limit myself to what some one person can grasp about me?

  In the words of my father "Expand your horizons boy!" lol Seriously though, so many allow their peers and society to tell them how far they can take their interest and what should interest them. I say stop putting chains on education. Stop telling people that education resides and remains in a classroom. Stop telling people how they should learn and allow them the freedom to carefully explore their world. 

  I'm a Christ follower, Conservative, Graphic Designer, Photographer, and lover of all races.

  I don't apologize for my beliefs but I will explain most of them. Some of this can't be explained in two or three sentences. So you'll just have to  listen to me to figure me out.You're welcomed to ask me about anything whether I answer depends on how personal the question is. It's not like I'm stuck in my ways and can't change either. I'm open to learning. Some things I believe because it's principled in the Bible and the other issues aren't concrete and will probably be forever unstable.

So this the best I could do in creating an "About Me". : ) I hope you all enjoy the blog.


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