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Love It or Leave It: Film Reviews 5

Throwback is the theme of this "Film Review". All of these films have been out for a while. I'm sure I'm not the only one late to seeing these films so I decided to continue with my review. Instead of using stars to rate I use ♥ (hearts) meaning I love it and to represent leave it I chose this symbol: ☞ (pointing hand).


   I believe I only heard one ill use of Jesus' name but folks were using God's name in vain a ton of times with the GD swear word. I didn't expect to be flipped off twice though. Most of the this seemed unnecessary, uncalled for and unwarranted. It's not something you want to be watching around kids because of the language.
   Other than the negatives this was very entertaining. Centering around an out of control train headed for a heavily populated town in Pennsylvania, two workers decide to go renegade against authoritative commands to stay off the track and stop this train. They risk their jobs and their lives but the sacr…

Media Malpractice: Men in Tights

We all know the story of Robin Hood. The brave man who dared to defy his crooked government to feed the poor and starving. We have something like that going on today and it's not as glorious as Robin's adventures. You see Robin Hood took from his government the money taken by insanely high taxes for the king's lavish usage but today we're taking from hardworking taxpayers to give to people who don't pay taxes and into services that the majority doesn't want.

   Around the time Obama was getting elected in '08 I asked a peer what she thought of democrat's concept to redistribute the wealth of others. She claimed to be fine with it and said it was fair because some people were born with a silver spoon in their mouth. I was appalled by her answer. What a way to think. I couldn't allow her to just have that opinion in her mind. So I told her I thought it was wrong and gave her the scenario of her currently working hard at school to make her dreams in…