Media Malpractice: Men in Tights

   We all know the story of Robin Hood. The brave man who dared to defy his crooked government to feed the poor and starving. We have something like that going on today and it's not as glorious as Robin's adventures. You see Robin Hood took from his government the money taken by insanely high taxes for the king's lavish usage but today we're taking from hardworking taxpayers to give to people who don't pay taxes and into services that the majority doesn't want.

   Around the time Obama was getting elected in '08 I asked a peer what she thought of democrat's concept to redistribute the wealth of others. She claimed to be fine with it and said it was fair because some people were born with a silver spoon in their mouth. I was appalled by her answer. What a way to think. I couldn't allow her to just have that opinion in her mind. So I told her I thought it was wrong and gave her the scenario of her currently working hard at school to make her dreams into a reality. "After all your studying  here in school, you graduate and get your degree. With lots of hard work you build your career and become successful. Now here comes Uncle Sam, the tax man taking a huge chunk of your hard earned income and giving it to strangers." She didn't like the last part. I hadn't even gotten to the point where she'd want to save for her kids and to give them a better life but with her ideology someone else would be taking from her gift to her kids.

There's already a huge degree of wealth redistribution going on with the welfare system.

  As of late there has been the Occupy Wall Street people protesting the greed on wall street. What these people are missing is the greed in Washington. These people believe the rich are out to get them. They've been poisoned by Dems and libs in congress like former Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi starting class wars. Pitting the poor against the rich.  
   Let's look at the fact that NANCY PELOSI is apart of the 1% she's berating. In the year 2010 she was worth $35 million. Now in 2011 she's had at least a 62% increase in her salary. IT's an insult to poor people, saying you aren't strong enough to make it on your own, "YOU NEED OUR [the government's] ASSISTANCE [handouts]!"

   It's the rich who makes jobs. Not the poor and not the government. Everything the government touches turns ugly and makes the people more dependent. The government doesn't even  have the money to make these jobs. Their money comes from taxpayers! (Speaking of taxpayers the rich pay the most taxes. People who say they don't pay their fair share haven't done their research.) Rich people create business, help others establish their business, spend money that puts even more people to work and still pay more than half of taxes in America. We, the people, can make it without government interference in our economy.  It's called capitalism.


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