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iLoVeIt: Youtube Channels

I wanted to spotlight my top 3 favorite Youtube channels. Theses fall under the category of favorites because their entertaining, inspirational, and sometimes educational.

Fagottron: My sister introduced me to this channel and I've loved it ever since. Pogo, the guy who makes these songs, brings together pieces of sound and lays it over his own tunes creating these 3 minute masterpieces of art, whether he makes the vids or not I don't know. He's currently trying to remix the world like he does with movies. In his venture to take the world by music he needs funding and if you want to help out visit "kickstarter". I've talked about one of his vids in my "Phantasy" post a while back but didn't really talk about the work so there it is.

ginaBiina: This girl is funny. I like her vids because they're not only beauty tips but vlogs and I haven't found that many black females doing the whole package deal with nice quality cams to boot. Gina really…

Judging Others Defended

Yes I know this is a very long blog but the read is worth it. I hear and read many people say that Christians aren't suppose to judge others but THAT'S NOT TRUE. If you want to truly know what gives Christians the right to judge read on.

"When Dan Quayle said that Murphy Brown’s giving birth to an illegitimate child wasn’t a good role model for America’s youth, he was ridiculed, called “judgmental,” and labeled arrogant.  Who was he to pontificate about “family values”?  Quayle wasn’t hit with the criticism rightly leveled against some—that they are hypocrites.  He was accused of doing what no one has the right to do: telling others how to live.

It’s been said that the most frequently quoted Bible verse is no longer John 3:16 but Matthew 7:1: “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.”  We cannot glibly quote this, though, without understanding what Jesus meant.  When Jesus condemned judging, he wasn’t at all implying we should never make judgments about anyone.  After all, …


I meant to put this up a while ago. lol Another food blog for March!!

After seeing how good Ree Drummond's smoothie looked I wanted to try it.  Y'all should know that I love pink and if I can make pink food I definitely will. :D Remember my S'more pie? lol

What you'll need
A blender
Milk or juice
fruit (whatever you'd like)
protein powder (optional)

The process
Let's give a round of applause to the tool allowing this process to happen at all. The Blender!!

Now start to pile in your fruit. For small fruit I suggest you put in a handful for each.

1/3 of a banana, a handful of blueberries,

 one apple sliced,

grapes, strawberries with the leaves intact (check Ree's blog), rasberries,

greek yogurt, a little milk,

last minute addition of 1/3 of an orange
 1 teaspoon of honey
1 tablespoon of protein powder

It's time to mix! Turn your blender on Puree or high and watch your fruit blend.

It's Pink!!! Mix up the rest by hand if necessary.

Look at that!! I'm …


blog from MyIslandsugar
"DATING VS. MARRIAGE: A lot of people think that dating means they should just continue to date for years until they are ready..or they may NEVER be ready. That's fine too, if you choose to date for the rest of your life...but REMEMBER THIS: 
If you're NOT married, then you're single...even if you're dating someone, you AND THEY are still LEGALLY single; hopefully, monogamous, but still SINGLE. Even, if you date for a long period of time before you marry, you are more likely to end up in divorce or split up...go figure. {see the Patti statement above for that one; although never-married Patti also just ended her engagement after SIX YEARS; she's now complaining about being too old {she's 49, I believe} to have her own children after wasting years with this man and others. This happens ALL THE TIME.
Its not that difficult to steal someone who only "dating" someone else. Why can't they see someone else, they are single, rig…