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Heartache in Dreamland

I had a dream last night. In my dream I saw my future spouse with someone else. They couldn't hear me nor see me but I could hear and see them. My heart broke as I looked on to see them together. My place was being occupied by someone else and the heart and body I'm to receive in marriage was being given to another.
These are the words my heart screamed in protest as it was breaking.

"Wait for me. Be patient and you won't get your heart broken by the  people who don't love you like I do. What are you doing with them? That's my spot that you're giving away. That's my bed where I'm suppose to lay."
"Who is this? A momentary satisfaction? What about me? Aren't I worth the wait? Right now all that matters to you is immediate gratification."
"I'll love you forever baby. You won't have to worry about STDs or pregnancy with me because you'll know me and want to have a kid by me."
My voice is going on deaf ears though. I…

My Banana Pudding Pie

This is my first food blog. I love making things with my hands and that includes cooking and baking. I was able to make a pie recently and unlike the other times I finally stopped being lazy and took my cam with me to document this fiasco. lol

This time I made a Banana Pudding pie following the directions for the pudding off of the box of Jello pudding. I made the crust following Marg (CaymanDesigns)'s "Basic Graham Cracker Crust". I have a hard time sticking to rules so I follow the "guidelines" in cooking. If it turns out bad that's my fault. :D

The pudding's already made with only 2 cups of milk to thicken it.

The following ingredients make the crust:

Ooops I forgot to take a pic of the butter. oh well. At least you know it's in there now. lol Anyways I didn't have enough white sugar so I ended up using dark brown sugar for the rest of the sugary ingredients.

The crust mix looked like this:

Next I scooped the mix into a silver pan and pressed i…