My Banana Pudding Pie

This is my first food blog. I love making things with my hands and that includes cooking and baking. I was able to make a pie recently and unlike the other times I finally stopped being lazy and took my cam with me to document this fiasco. lol

This time I made a Banana Pudding pie following the directions for the pudding off of the box of Jello pudding. I made the crust following Marg (CaymanDesigns)'s "Basic Graham Cracker Crust". I have a hard time sticking to rules so I follow the "guidelines" in cooking. If it turns out bad that's my fault. :D

The pudding's already made with only 2 cups of milk to thicken it.

The following ingredients make the crust:

Ooops I forgot to take a pic of the butter. oh well. At least you know it's in there now. lol Anyways I didn't have enough white sugar so I ended up using dark brown sugar for the rest of the sugary ingredients.

The crust mix looked like this:

Next I scooped the mix into a silver pan and pressed it into pie crust form.
So into the oven it goes to firm a bit at 350 degrees for 9 mins.

Waiting for my crust to finish baking I made my fave soft chocolate chip cookies for my fam. Mmmm...

It was hard for me to cut through frozen cookie dough, so I was done setting the dough on the pan by the time my crust was done. lol

I allowed it to cool for a few mins before I filled it with the pudding.
Then I smoothed it out with a fork and put it in the fridge to solidify.

So the sweets for that day were cookies!!!
MMMmmmm good. :D

Back to the Pie!

Not the best but it turned out well. I wish it was a bit firmer but it's pudding and pudding never listens.

Ahh that's whipped cream on top for those who don't recognize it.

I feel so good finally getting this blog done. lol Hopefully I'll be back with new and better regular blog and cooking blogs. There are some heavy ones underway but they're taking time because they are kind of deep yet silly. I'm still trying to find the balance.


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