Heartache in Dreamland

I had a dream last night. In my dream I saw my future spouse with someone else. They couldn't hear me nor see me but I could hear and see them. My heart broke as I looked on to see them together. My place was being occupied by someone else and the heart and body I'm to receive in marriage was being given to another.

These are the words my heart screamed in protest as it was breaking.

"Wait for me. Be patient and you won't get your heart broken by the  people who don't love you like I do. What are you doing with them? That's my spot that you're giving away. That's my bed where I'm suppose to lay."

"Who is this? A momentary satisfaction? What about me? Aren't I worth the wait? Right now all that matters to you is immediate gratification."

"I'll love you forever baby. You won't have to worry about STDs or pregnancy with me because you'll know me and want to have a kid by me."

My voice is going on deaf ears though. I look on see you damaging our relationship before it starts and you don't care. It's like you don't care about me.

You're breaking my heart before you've come to claim it. "Your affections belong to me. Why are you giving them away?"

At first I was jealous now I'm just in pain. "What is going to be left for me that you hasn't been tainted by some other person? Marriage? Is that all? I get commitment and they got your heart and body."

"I want all of you. And no, I'm not being selfish or ridiculous. I deserve all of you. I want a lifetime commitment of your heart and body to my heart and body."

"But what is this you're trying to give me? An almost useless heart and a body that knows no shame. Thanks..."

I'm screaming through sound proof glass, "Baby, wait!! Please wait for me! I'll satisfy! I'll be the one you'll never want to leave. I'll always have your best interest interest at heart! I'll even take the broken and try to mend it but please stop making it worst. Wait. Save your heart for me. Save your body for me."

Prayers go to the Lord for my love but words fall on deaf ears.
"I love you. I'm waiting for you. Please wait for me too."

A lot of people say they don't care but in reality if you were able to see your future spouse's (the one who holds your heart) life with several other love interest giving their heart and body away over and over again it would eventually, if not immediately, hurt. Then you'd have to admit that you actually do care.

I don't know where your spouse is today but if you'd rather know that he or she is waiting patiently for you to come along why don't you show the same respect and love and wait also.

I tried my best to make this gender ambiguous but I'm not sure if I accomplished that. This is meant for anybody. A guy could be waiting for his lady just like a girl could be waiting for her man. So please don't excuse yourself from this scenario just because you don't think it applies to you.


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