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Dear Future Husband (Open Letter)

(This is my babe's Christmas present)

"Love is patient..." (Corinthians 13)
In a world where everything is wanted and provided in an instant you should know that some things in life are worth the wait.

Since infancy we were betrothed in the eyes of the Lord. He made you for me and me for you. He sees us as we are maturing and with every passing day brings us closer together. He knows you inside and out, your weaknesses and strengths and chose you as a spouse for me. He knows my personality and still chose to make me for you. (lol)

I tried to change my personality several times but I guess this is just the way God made me. I'm learning to accept it and grow and I pray you do too. God knows us entirely and created us the way we are on purpose and for a purpose. He knows how our personalities will work with one another and has destined us for each other wisely. I don't know why and I'm anxiously awaiting the time(s) I discover the reason(s) the Lord has for putt…

iLoVeIt... Christmas!!!

Christmas is about the celebration of the birth of Jesus. We celebrate Christ's life because He came to die in our place and take the punishment that we rightly deserve for our sins in action and in our heart. We were born in sin and even before we know right from wrong we've already sinned. God saw that there was no one who by works or righteousness could enter the Kingdom of Heaven so He provided a means and a way. God is the only deity who ever sacrificed Himself for His followers and people who curse and hate Him. Jesus is the only Savior who comes to us as a friend. No one else has been so self-sacrificing, loving and righteous nor will there ever be another.

 Christmas is about the love of a God who cares about little old you and me to send His own Son to give the world to give us a chance to be with Him and make a way for direct communication between ourselves and Himself. When we accept the gift of Jesus' life, death and resurrection on Earth with repentance of our…

iHaTeIt When... (Christmas Blunders)

While wrapping gifts tonight with my sister I started thinking about the Christmas errors I seem to have almost every year.
Buying a present you think "they'd" love only to realize that it's actually something YOU'D love. (Snap, Crackle and Pop!!)
Running out of tape because I usually don't remember that I'll need it. (so annoying)
Leaving a gift at home on Christmas when it was suppose to leave with you. (rrrrr)
Traveling to the store 16 times because you can't find that one person a gift! (still looking)
When making gift:  Forgetting the small but essential details like supplies to create. (lol it's not so funny when you're the victim of forgetfulness)
Last but certainly not uncommon:  Your wallet runs dry. (*cough* Why?! *death rattle*)

I rarely ever buy a large number of gifts so these mistakes I'm sure will be repeated next year. Maybe one day I'll get better.
Temp,  It's Christmas EVE!!!!!

The Amazing Miracle That We Call Natural

A baby develops in a mother's tummy but we really don't stop to think that a baby is being formed. No man is touching the child as it develops but most babies are formed with a pattern of humanity's likeness. How do our hearts beat? We don't will it to and most of the time we forget it's even there. How does a babe form inside a womb with all organs in place and grow? There is no doctor molding the child.

I was thinking about this topic because a friend of mine commented on how odd it was that babies were tiny little human beings. This brought to mind a fact I learned a while ago that babies develop all of the organs of a fully grown adult as an even smaller human being in side of their mother's womb. 
It's amazing what the Lord does. 
Psalm 139:13-16
" 13 For you created my inmost being;
   you knit me together in my mother’s womb. 

14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
   your works are wonderful,
   I know that full well. 


Media Malpractice: Fools on the Hill

Short and hopefully educational.

So watch this...

A film about an ordinary citizen pitching a bill to the government to sign into law. When Jerrol LeBaron learned that politicians weren't actually reading the bills that they were signing into law he started a campaign to change this reality.

Visit for more information.


This entry is going to be tumblr-like, meaning it's going to be random things I love.
Quotes from My Fave Movies

Margaret Hale: You've been blessed with good luck and fortune, but others have not!
John Thornton: I do know something of hardship. 16 years ago, my father died, very miserable circumstances. I became
                            the head of the family very quickly, and was taken out of school. I think I might say that my only good luck,
                            was to have a mother of such strong will and integrity. I went to go work in a draper's shop, and my
                            mother managed so that I could put 3 shillings aside a week. I taught myself denial. No I am able to keep
                            my mother in such comfort as her age requires, and I thank her every day for that early training. So Ms.
                            Hale, I do not think that I was especially blessed with good fortune or luck. I have stayed my welcome. North …