iHaTeIt When... (Christmas Blunders)

While wrapping gifts tonight with my sister I started thinking about the Christmas errors I seem to have almost every year.

Buying a present you think "they'd" love only to realize that it's actually something YOU'D love. (Snap, Crackle and Pop!!)

Running out of tape because I usually don't remember that I'll need it. (so annoying)

Leaving a gift at home on Christmas when it was suppose to leave with you. (rrrrr)

Traveling to the store 16 times because you can't find that one person a gift! (still looking)

When making gift: 
Forgetting the small but essential details like supplies to create. (lol it's not so funny when you're the victim of forgetfulness)

Last but certainly not uncommon: 
Your wallet runs dry. (*cough* Why?! *death rattle*)

I rarely ever buy a large number of gifts so these mistakes I'm sure will be repeated next year. Maybe one day I'll get better.

 It's Christmas EVE!!!!!


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