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Guys if you're trying to discourage the women it's working. A lot of black women who like asian men that I know are starting to give up hope. Either the men they've met are jerks or not interested. Please step up your game, open your heart and educate your friends on the fact that black women like you all.

To the ladies: If you like Asian guys don't let a few misses get you down. Remember Asian men are just that. Men. Don't expect their color to change that fact. Expect a gentleman. Look for what you want in a man irregardless of his color. I know we want the beautiful Asian man but if God sends the one for you in another color thank him for sending you love altogether.

On to the Asian men. There are respectful, responsible and open hearted Asian men out there. Where they are, I have no idea but I'm sure they exist. The best ones aren't looking for black women they are looking for a beautiful woman (in their own eyes) with a beautiful personality.

My person…

Covers, Fancams, and Dance Crews Oh My...

Jay Park - can't take my eyes off of you (cover)

My comment to him: "Dang... You sounded really good. I love that song and you went and sang it the right way and added your own touch. uugghh. I guess you're okay in my books :) lol"

I didn't like the Nothing on You cover very much but he redeemed himself with this.

I soooooooo can't wait until this video is released!!!!!
[HD]T.O.P Solo MV [fancam]

Asian American dancer Brian Puspos!!! A lot of people know him from America's Best Dance Crew (ABDC). His group is named SoRealCru. I fell in love early last year when I saw them in my vids near you on Youtube when they went to "Asian Paradise" somewhere in Atl. Anyways my fave member is Brian. I just realized that I never talked about him before.

A song for WoAiNi09

This is for my friend Rachel. Thanks for following me.

Tenchijk made up a song on blogtv for Rachel and I was able to catch the end of it. :D

Asian Artist in America Update

There are a few Asian Artist that are trying to make it and there seems to be potential.
Crown J was recently interviewed by Atlanta's Blackvibe online magazine. 

Who bought the crappy mic? lol
Crown pointed out something that's frustrated me about the Korean pop culture for a while now. To become famous you have to go through corporate business crap. I'm not trying to offend anyone who loves K-pop but I don't agree with the whole corporate way. To me that's like being a sellout. They use your music to make money which is ok but they do it through making the artist "idols". :banghead:

2PM fans know that Jay Park has left the band and has come to the states. So what's he up to now?   A few weeks back he made a Youtube page and posted his rendition of "Nothing On You" by B.O.B. <--click there. I'm going to keep my opinion of how he did to myself and let you judge. lol He says he has plans to continue in the music business I believe here in …