Covers, Fancams, and Dance Crews Oh My...

Jay Park - can't take my eyes off of you (cover)

My comment to him: "Dang... You sounded really good. I love that song and you went and sang it the right way and added your own touch. uugghh. I guess you're okay in my books :) lol"

I didn't like the Nothing on You cover very much but he redeemed himself with this.

I soooooooo can't wait until this video is released!!!!!
[HD]T.O.P Solo MV [fancam]

Asian American dancer Brian Puspos!!! A lot of people know him from America's Best Dance Crew (ABDC). His group is named SoRealCru. I fell in love early last year when I saw them in my vids near you on Youtube when they went to "Asian Paradise" somewhere in Atl. Anyways my fave member is Brian. I just realized that I never talked about him before.


  1. i love sorealcru.. they are amazingg!! :D

  2. Yes they are. I wish they were still touring together.


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