Asian Artist in America Update

There are a few Asian Artist that are trying to make it and there seems to be potential.

Crown J was recently interviewed by Atlanta's Blackvibe online magazine. 

Who bought the crappy mic? lol

Crown pointed out something that's frustrated me about the Korean pop culture for a while now. To become famous you have to go through corporate business crap. I'm not trying to offend anyone who loves K-pop but I don't agree with the whole corporate way. To me that's like being a sellout. They use your music to make money which is ok but they do it through making the artist "idols". :banghead:

2PM fans know that Jay Park has left the band and has come to the states. So what's he up to now?   A few weeks back he made a Youtube page and posted his rendition of "Nothing On You" by B.O.B. <--click there. I'm going to keep my opinion of how he did to myself and let you judge. lol He says he has plans to continue in the music business I believe here in America this time. Today he has released yet another vid. This time he's collabbing with Yoshi Wright. I think they were ok. In my opinion I believe he should take notes from and collab with the Cali Youtubers.

On another topic.

Guess who's pregnant.


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