K-Pop In My Head

Korean Celebrity in my Neighborhood

Crown J(ewel)

He currently resides in my city, ATL. He was raised here but left for college, the Korean army and his career. Low and behold his career has led him back to the Atl where he is building his fame.

I found his Youtube page about a good 8 months ago. He keeps it updated especially now that he's getting closer to his upcoming cd and video release. His new video "I'm Good" ft. Young Dro is coming soon.

I wrote all this just to share this pic with my blasian supporters. :D This is a clip from his new video.

I have to support him since he's a Korean celeb that lives in my city and all :D

On to the Next One:

So while watching this vid all I could do was hate. lol Once I realized what I was doing I wondered why I disliked them so much.

At first I avoided Girl Generation (SNSD) because it was too bubbly but I soon came to like the song Gee :o Then I ran across an article about one of the girls (Taeyeon) saying "For a black person, she's really pretty" referring to Alicia Keys (I don't believe that I have to explain my view on this.) and belittling nurses in her rant on a radio show. Then I ran across some more things about them being rude and acting innocent to put off any impending judgement. All this aside I get really annoyed with superficial people and they seem to embody it. I don't take everything I hear through the grapevine for face value because it may just be rumors from "haters" (that's a really lame word lol) and I don't dislike someone just because the vast majority does.

When I'm faced with rumors I usually look into to it and see if it's true. If I can't find evidence I leave it as skepticism. After finding some of the things said about SNSD to be true and really not liking the superficial aspect of this band I find it hard to support them as artists. So I go by song basis with them. Meaning whatever song I like at the time I like but not necessarily the artist.


  1. Hey there :)
    Came across your blog and found it interesting ^^ And I love K-Pop too~ But I agree about SNSD. I don't know if the media are making them come across like this.. but too superficial (although good music..). Alicia Keys is an amazing singer - doesn't matter about appearances or race.
    Just thought I'd leave a comment hehe. Take care~

  2. Thanks for my first comment Grrace. You made me really happy. :D


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