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PSA: My Generation!!

If you say you're not a follower you most likely are. To my generation I see people constantly trying to speak unification of the world but hate those whose views oppose their own. They say older adults and children are drones yet look at your choices, you're no different. You think you're above the masses? Hey you maybe different from your neighbor and friends but there's someone out there who's influenced your decision to be so very "different". Assess your choices.

Adults are dumb? "When you grow up your heart dies"?

  Every teen generation ahead of your own (especially the 60s) thought they were smarter than everyone. Some (not all) adults got the memo that life isn't all about pleasure. Life isn't all about art, music and love. If you want to own something, you're faced with Uncle Sam the Tax man and all other little fees placed on you. If you have kids, your heart walks around in a little body that you try desperately to prot…

Media Malpractice

There is a documentary by this same name that I'm using called Media Malpractice: How Obama Got Elected. You can find the film on YouTube, I strongly recommend all of my readers to check it out. I titled my blog with the same name because I've been wanting to talk about politics more and media schemes and I believe this will give me that platform. I need things to be organized which is why I have so many series.

This will be the first of prayerfully many more post on this theme. Today I'd like to build the foundation on why I'm even starting this subject.

I am a Conservative, socially and fiscally. I believe many others are also fiscally (financially) Conservative even if we don't agree on social topics. Growing up I've run into a lot of (I'm sorry to say) ignorance when it came to politics. I'm not trying to be mean but when I've asked people about why they believe the way they do they can't explain themselves or give factual information to bac…

Love It Or Leave It: Music Review

I don't know about you but I love free things especially free music. I've found a few free mixtapes that I thought were cool and want to share with you all. I love it all so no need for the instructions this time. Yay my first music review in the LoVeIt Or LeaveIt series.

Fruit Cocktail
B3AR FRUIT: Various Artist

"A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit." Matthew 7:18
Kind of old but if I didn't know about this until now I'm sure someone else doesn't know about this either. This mixtape features only a few people I know but the music is inspirational, educational, encouraging and you get introduced to several different artist. The whole album has a kind of jazzy 90s feel to it.

My favorite song: Gentleness by Trip Lee, I like how he personifies Gentleness and the flow of his verses.
Release Date: November 2010
You can find it here:


The Mixtape

"I don't know if you noticed but …