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K-Pop In My Head

Korean Celebrity in my Neighborhood

Crown J(ewel)

He currently resides in my city, ATL. He was raised here but left for college, the Korean army and his career. Low and behold his career has led him back to the Atl where he is building his fame.

I found his Youtube page about a good 8 months ago. He keeps it updated especially now that he's getting closer to his upcoming cd and video release. His new video "I'm Good" ft. Young Dro is coming soon.

I wrote all this just to share this pic with my blasian supporters. :D This is a clip from his new video.

I have to support him since he's a Korean celeb that lives in my city and all :D

On to the Next One:

So while watching this vid all I could do was hate. lol Once I realized what I was doing I wondered why I disliked them so much.

At first I avoided Girl Generation (SNSD) because it was too bubbly but I soon came to like the song Gee :o Then I ran across an article about one of the girls (Taeyeon) saying "For a …

Some of My Art

Here's Some of My Art
Two different pics with several effects used to blend

At the Beach in Florida

I don't have a tattoo.
I'll put up more later but this was for a friend.

Beyonce Teaching Beauty to Others

I have to admit when I firsrt saw this I'm like what now B? I'm a little biased towards her at times. I love her but I'm still wary of the things she does. Anyways Beyonce was on ABC talking about her rehabilitation project she created with her mother. I have to give her prop for this. My dad has always wanted to make a turn around center for people who are trying to clean up their lives. So this one hit home and made me proud of her.

Here's the vid:

One thing I'm slightly scared of is the salon being able to maintain it's purpose with celebrity status attached to it. I hope other people won't come in and try to take jobs away from those who it was intended for.

You Are Beautiful

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! Your beauty comes from inside. It maybe cliche but it's completely true. We spend so many hours in the mirror but how much do we spend on our hearts "Beauty is nothing more than confidence"
"You will always be beautiful to me."

Seasonal Outfits

This blog was inspired by liebemarlene vintage's blog. I've always liked fashion but I'm not as passionate about it as others. I've been playing this game for a while but I've never combined pictures before. I'm sure you've played this game unknowingly yourself. Most people play it while they're shopping. It's pretty simple imagination game. In this game you pick out clothes or a place and match them up. Check out Liebemarlene's blog for a simpler version.

My imagination this time lead me by seasonal outfits.
Winter Home

Spring in Korea

Disney Tree House (Summer)

Fall Road

In my imagination I also have enough money to afford these things lol