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Happy Valentines Day!

I think this is my first Valentines post. I'm excited.

Movies are a big past time for Valentine's Day junkies. If you're like me you watch movies all the time so watching a romantic film on Valentine's Day doesn't make you any difference. But some people get really sensitive about this day. Sooooo I found something funny and cute for everyone to enjoy.
The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show: The Lost Ball Park
It's light, funny and sweet. iLoVeIt!!

Here are the links just in case there's a problem later on. I can't guarantee that these videos will be available forever., and

Valentine's Day Advice: Be Nice.
I don't really talk about my own personal love life on purpose but I guess I'll share this story with yall if it helps anyone.
Recently I started to like a guy I worked with. He wasn't the most handsome guy and looking to the type of guys I'm normally attr…