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It's Been A Pretty Good Day!!

Today has been a pretty awesome day! The electoral college voted and confirmed Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States. And although I'm very sure it's not pleasant news for Jake Gyllenhaal on his 36th birthday being a democrat but since I like him regardless it's a good day for me!! Happy Birthday Jake!! Maybe we'll meet one day. :)

I Need A Better Blog!!

Hi readers!! I have no idea who any of you are. I see that I get hits but I barely get any comments and some of the few that I get are spams. :(

I've been using another popular social media outlet because I get a little more interaction. However I miss this platform but it needs an upgrade badly and I would like a more vocal audience.

 Anyways I'm brainstorming on how to get  more interaction and feedback on this blog. What should I do to make it more interesting? I'm thinking a makeover. However I don't want to lose myself trying to please others. Hmmm *taps fingers in thought*
Any suggestions???

Here's lookin at you guys and gals??

Why I Can't Live In South Korea

I still desire to go to Korea but not to live there. I can't recall if I wanted to live there or not but I know for a fact that I love America and don't want to permanently leave. I am very comfortable here and I don't know I think my personality will mesh too well with the society there.

Listen to the advice Megan gives in the video below:

I'm a huggy, talk to strangers, kind of flirty type of girl. That's who I am. I could stop doing that but I think it would smother my true personality. I'm just starting to understand the mind that was given to me. I don't want to change it up yet. lol

South Korea is a beautiful place that I'd love to visit but I just don't think I'd be able to live there like Megan was able to do. I applaud her for not only learning the language but also learning the culture and living her life to the fullest in a nation she wasn't raised in. I totally, %100, agree with her that if you move to another country you need t…

Democratic/Liberal Media Bias

Kathleen's crime: Leaking information to a grand jury and lying about it to another grand jury.
Kent's crime: Had a sexual relationship with a minor for 4 years from the age of 13-17
Richard's crime: Raping a 4 year old

Kathleen Kane, Kent Ingleheart, and Richard Keenan have all been charged with some pretty serious crimes as of late but are being protected by the bias Democratic/Liberal media.

We say the media is biased because if these people in power had been Republicans or Conservatives you wouldn't have to go searching for their political affiliations or their names. In the headlines and on repeat would these stories be circulated but because every last one of these people are Democrats the media protects them and even when they are reporting their bad press it's still spun in way to show the good work these people have done. Let it be a Republican. You would hear "Republican politician Such and such has been accused of…!" Seriously!! They…

Lonely Island

So I tried Tinder, Bumble and Plenty Of Fish (dating apps) looking for an escape from my reality. None of it worked out. I didn't even make it out with a friend. I just have strangers in my memory now. A lot of my problems came from the fact that they weren't real Christians and the fact that I am in love/lust/longing [for] with someone else. A tangible fellow who I've been invited out to meet with a few times but it alas hasn't come to fruition as well. While I want to believe he's a Christian there are a several aspects of his life that need to be worked on by God. As much as I want to be with him I  know these things won't change because I want them to and I'll only end up compromising what I believe like I almost did with the others from the dating apps. I thanks God for hindering those relationships and opening my eyes to the warning signs that these guys were not the one for me. However I'm still very much lonely and trying to find a way to be hap…

Moving Forward

I want to see changes in my life so I'm going to start with the way I do things. Instead of lazying about on my free weekends I'll push forward with my dreams of becoming a profitable author. I love books and making up stories however my life has derailed so far from my desire that I feel that a change must happen in order to get where I want to be in life.

Short and sweet.

I'm debating on whether to publish them here first or not. I'll talk to you later. :)

Another One... Anton Yelchin

I'll miss you Anton Yelchin. No, I didn't know him in person but from what I could see he was awesome at his  job. I really wanted to see where his career was going to go. He was so young (only a year older than myself) and so very good at acting. His career was blossoming when he left us abruptly.

I fell for his acting chops in the movie Odd Thomas. It was a strange and very cool film about a boy who could see the dead. I recommend it for those who love a good mystery movie.

My father is a Star Trek fan and thought Anton did a great job as the reboot Chekov however I didn't really pay attention as a kid to the original Chekov I was too busy being mesmerized by the OG Spock. However as an adult I can't disassociate Yelchin from his role as Chekov and is forever in my mind as Pavel Andreievich Chekov navigator of the U.S.S. Enterprise.

The first movie I saw him in was Fright Night the 2011 remake while it was not as good as the first one I still enjoyed it and was thoro…

I Think I'm Back

Only one post in 2015 and now my first 2016 post is near the end of the year. Ooops well I've been busy figuring out life. Still haven't got it all sorted out but I think I'm back. We'll see. I"m about to experiment on here. Let me know what you think.