Democratic/Liberal Media Bias

Kathleen's crime: Leaking information to a grand jury and lying about it to another grand jury.
Kent's crime: Had a sexual relationship with a minor for 4 years from the age of 13-17
Richard's crime: Raping a 4 year old

Kathleen Kane, Kent Ingleheart, and Richard Keenan have all been charged with some pretty serious crimes as of late but are being protected by the bias Democratic/Liberal media.

We say the media is biased because if these people in power had been Republicans or Conservatives you wouldn't have to go searching for their political affiliations or their names. In the headlines and on repeat would these stories be circulated but because every last one of these people are Democrats the media protects them and even when they are reporting their bad press it's still spun in way to show the good work these people have done. Let it be a Republican. You would hear "Republican politician Such and such has been accused of…!" Seriously!! They wouldn't call Kent Ingleheart by his name in the radio broadcast!! They kept saying Councilman and would not say which party he belonged to. These people would be buried in negative press and run out of town with very hard sentences pending but because they're Democrats they're protected by our bias media.


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