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The A-List Rappers (in my mind)

The A List (in my mind) inspired by Jin's song A-List I decided to make my own A-List focusing on Christian rappers.



Asian connection: Jin is Chinese, born in Miami and based out of New York.  Of all the MC’s on this list, Jin’s Asian connection is the strongest.  He’s made numerous tracks that are Asian and Chinese-related as well as recorded several albums in Cantonese.  He is currently based out of Hong Kong.

Jin is the single most well-known, written-about, revered, disrespected, loved and hated Asian American rapper ever.  It’s hard to believe he’s been out in the scene since 2001 – it only seems like yesterday you could catch him Freestyle Friday Battle.  Before Jin, most people had never seen an Asian rap before (myself included).  Jin changed the game as the first and only Asian American rapper to break into the mainstream.  For better or worse, he’s still the only Asian the average rap fan can name. I think it’s for the better.

Shaun Evaristo

Shaun Evaristo
I got interested (again) in this artist after seeing this AM/ WW vid and wanted to share it with you all.

In my checking to see if he was actually Asian, I stumble on more of his work. He's a bigger artist than I thought.

His Latest Reel

Tae Yang - Look Only At Me
"this one is absoultely my favorite one i've done so far!! a lot of fun, and tae yang is super talented. can't wait to work with him again in the future. this shit is bad...see it for urself! totally proud, thanks to jay for helping out with the vid, u helped me make this joint what it should be. can't wait to see you guys again!!"

Tae Yang - Prayer ft. Teddy
"solo album with tae yang, this is prayer which im super excited about!! this one and the above. totally came out how i saw it in my head. video is raw, and has some really good moments. can't wait to show my family these vids."

With U Big Bang japan release
"We had like 4 days to put everything together. their sc…

Toy Story 3 Review

Adam Levine: "Pixar wins... Hands down the most soulful and refreshingly innovative way to tell a story. Regular films should be ashamed of themselves."

I have to agree with Adam, that movie was awesome. It surpassed the 2nd Toy Story and matched the love of the original film. It drew me in with a wonderful plot and took me back to my childhood. I laughed as I did when I was a child. I would've cried had I not been in the midst of people at the theater. (I'm working on not crying in front of people lol) 
Traphik: "I didn't cry lol"
   In the theaters I was surrounded by adults, I only saw one kid. Although this film was made for kids - scratch that! I think this was made to be a good, wholesome and entertaining film for all. I believe that's where this movie went right. When people in the film industry belittle children's imagination, intelligence and innocence they create one timers. Something appealing for the moment. But when film makers like di…

So Taeyang Needs A Girl

There was so much wrong with that video. As much as I love Tae (he even has my nickname) I did not love that video...tsk tsk tsk. Not my cup of tea. Maybe others thought it was good but not me.
The dancing? no.  - TaeYang can dance really well but what the heck was that? uh uh (shakes head in protest)
The lyrics? oh no. - I need a girl? A girls who pretends? EEEEHHHHH I for one hope he didn't have anything to do with the lyrics.
The wardrobe? meh it was ok. put your shirt back on.

I hope others had a better experience with this vid than I did. What do you think?

The Last Airbender: To Boycott or Not? Part 1

So I stole this title from Dante. lol The first part is what Dante has to say about the film. I don't believe he's seen it though.

This whole article below is from actor Dante Basco.

"Today is the opening of the film “The Last Airbender”, a show based on Avatar, the animated series that I played the role of Prince Zuko, one if the lead characters. Now, with this event happening, I have been getting numerous emails and questions of how I feel on the casting of the film and ultimately does it warrant a boycott. Now some come from fans that would have like to see me play the role I originated for the series, they want to see me play Zuko on the big screen, and I must admit, I would have loved to do the role. I was told many of the producers were pushing to make that happen but M. Night Shymalan, the director of the film had another vision. Also him casting his country man Dev Patel, doesn’t bother m…