Toy Story 3 Review

Adam Levine: "Pixar wins... Hands down the most soulful and refreshingly innovative way to tell a story. Regular films should be ashamed of themselves."

I have to agree with Adam, that movie was awesome. It surpassed the 2nd Toy Story and matched the love of the original film. It drew me in with a wonderful plot and took me back to my childhood. I laughed as I did when I was a child. I would've cried had I not been in the midst of people at the theater. (I'm working on not crying in front of people lol) 

Traphik: "I didn't cry lol"

   In the theaters I was surrounded by adults, I only saw one kid. Although this film was made for kids - scratch that! I think this was made to be a good, wholesome and entertaining film for all. I believe that's where this movie went right. When people in the film industry belittle children's imagination, intelligence and innocence they create one timers. Something appealing for the moment. But when film makers like disney and Pixar create imaginative, intelligent and wholesome movies they make timeless masterpieces. That's what's missing from movies today. That's why I can still go back and watch Beauty and the Beast even though I've seen it a million times still love it and am entertained. They created a story and not an age limited commercial piece.

Pat Lam: "Great movie"

If I gave ratings this would fill all the stars and thumbs up and whatever else critics use nowadays.

My one liner: iLoVeIt!!!!


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