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Aspirational Dramas

I'm about to graduate college soon and by soon I mean 3 weeks. I'll be a free woman!!!! CHYEAA lol Let's just pray everythings goes alright and I don't fail any classes. I'm doing ok for now but I'm trying to pull up my GPA before I leave so I need straight As.
After college I plan on immersing myself in my already ongoing career in the film industry. I hope I do well. That's my main worry. I'm scared my work will be too mediocre but it's my dream career.
As it goes life gets boring even with the best of jobs and so I entertain myself with K-dramas and K-pop at times.
I just finished watching Kim Sam Soon (I have to apologize to my friend about that one. I turned her offer down when she suggested it but recently watched it and it was the most satisfying k-drama I've ever watched. The lead character acted just the way I wanted her too unlike other dramas that let the girl just take insults. lol). 
One of my rules with watching K-dramas is to not wa…

I'm taking request.

I'm taking request: What should my next blog be about?