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Why I Support Covers

Things that make me tick #9: When people blindly follow the masses without even considering what they actually believe.

Recently Youtuber David Choi's channel was taken down because music companies were flagging him for putting up covers of their songs. I don't really follow David so when the news hit I wasn't as zealous as his number 1 fans in protesting but I understood how they might have felt. In light of the David Choi's current situation I wanted to talk about the controversy of making covers. So I'm going to give an explanation as to why I support covers (i.e. I'm not a blind follower). I don't think companies should penalize youtubers for covering their songs.

The Reasons
   First off Youtubers give a lot of well known and unknown artist exposure. I was listening to the Lemonade cover 

and freaking loved it. When I listen to covers I go back to find the original and compare it. If I loved the cover 9 times out of 10 I'll love the original just as mu…

Support Your Asian Community!!!

How to support the Asian community right now!

I found a couple of ways to help. There's a lot of words here but bare with me it'll be worth the read.

The first way, you may have seen in my blog, is through spreading the word about the new Hafu documentary. I learned about this through Watermelon Sushi

Hafu is a documentary film on the identities and experiences of mixed-race Japanese living in Japan today.

Visit their site http://www.halfufilm.comfor more information. HAFU PROJECT Night
12 June 2010 (Saturday)
6pm – 9pm

Venue: Las Chicas B1F in Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan
Nearest station: Omotesando Exit B2 (5 mins walk)

In honor of Loving Day - the day interracial marriage was
legalized in the United States (June 12, 1967) -
come and celebrate cultural diversity with us by
watching a sneak preview of the forthcoming
feature-length HAFU documentary film.
Meet the filmmakers and haf…