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Happy 4th of July!!

Yes I know that day has come and gone but I still want to officially celebrate my country's birth here. I wanted something fun and inspirational and today I remembered the film "An American Carol". So go rent it or buy it and enjoy one of the few conservative films made this past decade.

An American Carol

God Bless America

Summer Films

Summer is mostly about kids. It's kids who get the summer off with exception of some teachers and a few rich people. Relive your childhood days with these kid friendly films.

Slappy & the Stinkers

Big Green

Addams Family Values

The Princess Bride

Camp Nowhere

Kids World


The Lizzie Maguire Movie

Vacation With Derek

The Parent Trap

The Parent Trap

Little Manhattan

House Arrest

Bridge to Teribithia

Blank Check

Earnest Goes To Camp

Man of the House

Step-Sister From the Planet Weird

Jungle 2 Jungle

Second Hand Lions


The Last Song

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2

Sumer Magic

Troop Beverly Hills

Other more mature films/ Not kid-friendly
Bride & Prejudice

Jumping the Broom

She Devil

Now & Then For Richer or Poorer

My Girl

Real Geniuses (I haven't seen this in a while but I know for sure there is cursing and other indescrepancies involved so beware)

According to Greta (beware of sw…

180 Day of July

I'm way late but I will not let this month pass without me mentioning 180 Day. My feature this month is really close to my heart. I thank God for someone already writing this because I've been trying to tackle these topics for months (literally).

Reblogged: Jesus and Adolf Hitler

I'm always encouraged when I ask someone if they are a Christian and they answer "No. I'm Roman Catholic." It confirms something that most Catholics know but it seems that the world doesn't know. There is a difference between biblical Christianity and Roman Catholicism. Although the Roman church holds to some of the main tenants of the Christian faith, at its core it has its own entity. It has many high-held traditions that are not found in the Bible. They are Roman Catholic traditions.

Consequently, it shouldn't surprise us that Jews are very difficult to reach with the gospel. This is because many of them equate Christianity with Roman Catholicism. And why shouldn't they…

Condi for VP?

Recently it was released in an exclusive from the Drudge Report that Romney had a short list of candidates for Vice President (VP) and the fore runner is Condelezza Rice. Initially I was really happy about this because Condi inspired me when I was youngers and just getting into politics. After I was introduced to Condeleeza and all of her accomplishments I searched for more and more African-American republican and conservative women. I found a few who fit that description but it wasn't until the invention of Twitter that I was able to find a huge number of women who were tired of the lies of the Democrats and Liberals and weren't ashamed to say it. For that I'm proud but like every group of individuals we have differing opinions. The things that bind us are basic principles that define our group, however, I don't think Condi agrees with all of the basics.

   Now she's starting to act like a rhino republican. Rhino's are kind of out of touch. They don't t…


My favorite line from The Andy Griffith Show is "Ahh Pa' can't I just look at the pretty man?"  Like Charlene Darling I had a crush on Sheriff Taylor which I'm always teased about. :D I love the show. I love the morality, the promotion of family and even the discipline plus it was funny. But today I learned my dear Mr. Griffith passed away at a good old age of 86.

I'm inclined to believe that he was a Christian but I'm not sure so I just hope he's in joy with Christ.

Here's one of my favorite episodes of the Andy Griffith Show: The Darlings Are Coming