Condi for VP?

  Recently it was released in an exclusive from the Drudge Report that Romney had a short list of candidates for Vice President (VP) and the fore runner is Condelezza Rice. Initially I was really happy about this because Condi inspired me when I was youngers and just getting into politics. After I was introduced to Condeleeza and all of her accomplishments I searched for more and more African-American republican and conservative women. I found a few who fit that description but it wasn't until the invention of Twitter that I was able to find a huge number of women who were tired of the lies of the Democrats and Liberals and weren't ashamed to say it. For that I'm proud but like every group of individuals we have differing opinions. The things that bind us are basic principles that define our group, however, I don't think Condi agrees with all of the basics.

   Now she's starting to act like a rhino republican. Rhino's are kind of out of touch. They don't take serious the urgent matters Rhinos just want everything to blow over and not get pinned with it.  For example, Liberals and Democrats are trying to burn down our house (i.e. America) but the rhino Republicans are in the back busy trying to construct a bathroom. While that's all fine and dandy we have more pressing issues that need to be dealt with immediately. The ones usually at the front door trying to stop them are Conservatives and some Independents but we don't get any respect or help from the Rhinos even though we're try to put out the fire.

   I have to agree with Mark Levin on the issue of Condi being a sketchy VP candidate. On the outward appearance it looks like she'd do a great job but there are too many unknowns about Condeleeza Rice on the issues that matter. The fact that she's not a conservative and I'm sad to say looking more like a Rhino Republican on important issues concern me. Like Mr. Levin said we don't need two moderates and who would have thought that McCain would choose a more conservative candidate as VP than Romney?! I am very disappointed in our media attacking the conservatives like they did and leaving us with this horrible choice of Obama vs. Romney. Two moderates on one ticket does not make this nightmare any better. I love Condi but I wouldn't choose her as a VP candidate. I want to know however who were the other choices Romney had in mind?


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