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Fall Faves: Food/ Happy Thanksgiving

Food The main food for the fall is the pumpkin but I've tried pumpkin and it tasted awful to me. I know others love it but this is about what I love to have in the fall. LOL!!
Almonds (I use to hate almonds after I had it in some candy but eating it alone was better.)
Almonds By Africa Imports Photos
Apples By hobofoto
Apple Blossom picture link
Apple Cider By Muran-hime
Apple Pie picture link
Candy Apple By Mason Long
Carmel Apple By timeinabox
Cabbage By TheDeliciousLife
Candy Corn By knitter gal
Cheese Toast By Dalboz17
Glazed Ham

Black on Black Politics

I'm a black conservative. I've noticed for years how Black democrats turn on any one who doesn't believe the way they do and then they claim they accept everyone.

Beyonce, who embodies that embrace and love everyone persona, showed her true colors when Obama, whom she donated hundreds of thousands to his 2012 campaign, was re-elected. She celebrated by posting a hand written letter that statement that said, "take that mitches" hinting at the "b" swear word. In posting that little message she demonstrated for the world to see how she doesn't respect people with different views from hers.

    Tamera Mowry-Housley got blasted on twitter when she retweeted a comment by Fox News Channel anchor Greta Van Susteren. The original tweet said "I think I might turn this off if it were not my job to watch it...the interruptions make it impossible to learn anything." Tamera added, "That's all I'ma say about the debate. ;) God bless us, ever…

The Fountainhead 2012 Presidential Election

The Fountainhead is a film very appropriate for today. As Obama said we are choosing between two fundamentally different ideas for this country. Obama's ideas would have us become a more collective people dependent upon the government and subordinate to other countries. Romney's ideas are to restore the economy of our country and bring us back as the great youth of the world, believing in individuality and personal responsibility.

I correlate this film to the 2012 Presidential Election because I believe our Nation especially the youth have forgotten how we became such a strong and independent country in the first place. As my father says, "we can not look just to our own time but to the history before us." We should learn from the past mistakes and victories with the concept of time results. The Fountainhead is an older film recorded in the year 1949 based upon a novel by Ayn Rand by the same name. The film focuses on an Howard Roark, an architect with courage and c…