Black on Black Politics

I'm a black conservative. I've noticed for years how Black democrats turn on any one who doesn't believe the way they do and then they claim they accept everyone.

Beyonce, who embodies that embrace and love everyone persona, showed her true colors when Obama, whom she donated hundreds of thousands to his 2012 campaign, was re-elected. She celebrated by posting a hand written letter that statement that said, "take that mitches" hinting at the "b" swear word. In posting that little message she demonstrated for the world to see how she doesn't respect people with different views from hers.

    Tamera Mowry-Housley
got blasted on twitter when she retweeted a comment by Fox News Channel anchor Greta Van Susteren. The original tweet said "I think I might turn this off if it were not my job to watch it...the interruptions make it impossible to learn anything." Tamera added, "That's all I'ma say about the debate. ;) God bless us, everyone." After that she got racist remarks thrown her way and for what?! She didn't even say who she was for or against but just associating herself with someone from the right was enough.

   Ever since Stacey Dash came out in support of the Romney/Ryan ticket she's known in the media as "'Clueless' actress Stacey Dash". They are not being secretive about how they feel about her. These same people are supporting other liberal artist in the "Stop Bullying" and "NoH8" campaigns yet they bully others like Stacey Dash who don't agree with them. Hypocrites!!

    After Beyonce sang Etta James' song "At Last" at Obama's 2008 inauguration Ms. James commented "He ain't my president. He might be yours..." and soon folks started calling her crazy and her son wrote it off as "drug induced dementia" and Alzheimer's.

   Bill Cosby was labeled crazy when he told African Americans the truth about what's causing our degradation as a people. They didn't like his words and have labeled him a crazy old man yet they still listen to that foul-mouthed Samuel L. Jackson and racist Spike Lee.

   We get called "the white man's wh*re", "Uncle/Aunty Tom", "sellout" and all kind of racist names from black democrats. As if we're the ones without a thinking mind of our own when they're the ones who follow mob rule. My point is that if you're a black democrat or liberal you won't get the same kind of heat from the opposing side. That's got to stop. I'm not saying we should be racist but we shouldn't just take this crap anymore.

    In a media saturated America more Conservative and Republican celebrities need to speak up for their beliefs and their fellow right leaning stars allowing fans to see that there is another side. The only reason why Dems have so much influence is because they talk so much. I'm sure if we, Conservatives and Repubs started talking more we'd have a bolder party.

   I used to be a little shy about telling folks of my political beliefs because that was suppose to be a controversial topic people didn't talk about but as a more democrats and liberals started spreading lies about Republican and Conservative beliefs I decided it was time to stop being quiet. They say whatever they want about us and we're suppose to be quiet as to not bring up any quarrels but that's not "fair" so I'm going to be "fair" from now own. I ask others who believe the way that I do to speak up also.


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