Fall Faves: Food/ Happy Thanksgiving

The main food for the fall is the pumpkin but I've tried pumpkin and it tasted awful to me. I know others love it but this is about what I love to have in the fall. LOL!!

Almonds (I use to hate almonds after I had it in some candy but eating it alone was better.)



Apple Blossom

Apple Cider

Apple Pie

Candy Apple

Carmel Apple


Candy Corn

Cheese Toast

Glazed Ham

Green Beans

Peach Pie

Peanuts (Boiled peanuts too!)


Pecan Pie

Pecan Praline

Baked Potato (with sour cream and green onions/chives)

Sweet Potato Pie

Rice Cakes (my Dad calls them coasters lol)


Smoked BBQ

Squash (So far I only like it the way my grandma cooks it.)

Sweet Tea

Texas Toast


Happy Thanksgiving All!!! I'm sad. I'm sadden by the state of affairs the world is in that a day like Thanksgiving can be passed over for shopping and work. I think Thanksgiving Day is as about as patriotic as Independence Day and when I see folks (especially immigrants) forgo the celebration and disregard the history of this day for trivial things I get sad about the downward spiral of this country. Manipulated textbooks have taught lies and misconstrued truth surround the founding of the United States. I implore you to research the reason this day even exist and recall why we even celebrate Thanksgiving. Let's pray for America and the education system. Thank God for the blessing of life, freedom, and salvation.

Have a great Thanksgiving,


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