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I wonder if BAP knows that their name stands for Black American Princess? lol

They say it stands for Best Absolute Perfect but that really doesn't make any sentence sense. I'd go with Best Asian Princes or Best Asian Popstars! idk


R.I.P. I've found I can't say this can't say this acronym as of late. R.I.P. means Rest In Peace. People usually say this wishing the dead peace in the after life. I know for a fact that they will find no peace in Hell no matter what I say. Saying R.I.P. to a person that I know isn't in Heaven because they were not a Christian on Earth is not only contradictory on my part but it shows that I don't believe what God says about Hell.

We can't do anything for the dead to help their situation but we can share the message of Christ's life, death and resurrection with those alive. Christ unlike those who've died before rose from the dead through the power of God because He was perfect and God. In His death He took with Him the sins of the world past present and future. In His death He made a way for every human being to enter Heaven and live there with Him in peace, bliss and worship.

Sad thing is not everyone accepts His free gift of grace and mercy and end u…

The Obsolete Man

Forgive, Forgive And Then Forgive Some More

I would like to share with you all a lesson I was reminded of this morning. I did something bad in which I needed to ask the Lord for forgiveness from like usual. As I was praying and after I kept feeling awful that I continually make mistakes and outright rebel against the Lord and have to come back asking for forgiveness repeatedly. It's not that I'm tired of having to come to the Lord for forgiveness because I love that luxury of being able to communicate with the Lord immediately. It's the fact that I keep sinning and (in my mind) disappointing the Lord by not living up to the standards that He calls Christians to. The Lord has infinite patience which is hard to grasp with my finite mind that the Lord could keep forgiving me. So I sit and think of ways to show my thanks for such a merciful God. Besides striving to obey him I realized I could show my thanks by forgiving others just as much as God has forgiven me.

Two stories came to me as I pondered the topic of forgive…

October Baby

I missed 180 day this month but this is entry correlates to that same topic so in a belated 180 day fashion I present to you October Baby.

If you recall my other entry, "The Amazing Miracle That We Call Natural" I talked of Gianna Jessen, singer and abortion survivor. There is a movie coming out inspired by her life story. October Baby tells the story of Hannah a girl who finds out that she's adopted and what's more an abortion survivor. She sets out to find her birth mother and answers to a past she didn't she had.

I've never seen such a plot and I hope to see this film soon. It comes out March 23, 2012 in select theaters. Check here to find a theater near you.

Here is another real life testimony of abortion results:

Seasonal Outfits: Spring Styles

This is my third official fashion entry. I love love love the Spring! So I couldn't pass up this opportunity to make something showing my appreciation for this time of year. Like the times before I'm picking places and some venues I'd like to visit during the Spring.

Tokyo, Japan - Meguro River

Clothes: Top-Rue21's Rose Belt Chiff SLD Angel , skirt- Rue21's Solid Lace Tier , shoes- Bebe Rage Platform Heel Background by Crazy Frankenstein

Istria, Croatia - Kempinski Hotel Adriatic

Clothes: Dress- Notte by Marchesa, necklace- Express Short Large Faceted Stone Necklace, ring- Express Semi-Precious Square Stone, shoes- Express Multi Strap High Wedge Sandals Background by Kempenski Image Library

I entered a contest for a Scoodie giveaway and here's my answer to their challenge. I combined my entry into this blog.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - Tulip  Festival

Clothes: Top- Rue21's Chiff Bow Shldr Flutter, pants- Dot's Yellow 5-Pocket Skinny Jeans, Scoodie- Redesigne…