R.I.P. I've found I can't say this can't say this acronym as of late. R.I.P. means Rest In Peace. People usually say this wishing the dead peace in the after life. I know for a fact that they will find no peace in Hell no matter what I say. Saying R.I.P. to a person that I know isn't in Heaven because they were not a Christian on Earth is not only contradictory on my part but it shows that I don't believe what God says about Hell.

We can't do anything for the dead to help their situation but we can share the message of Christ's life, death and resurrection with those alive. Christ unlike those who've died before rose from the dead through the power of God because He was perfect and God. In His death He took with Him the sins of the world past present and future. In His death He made a way for every human being to enter Heaven and live there with Him in peace, bliss and worship.

Sad thing is not everyone accepts His free gift of grace and mercy and end up in Hell. Some even go to Hell believing in God. James 2:19 "You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that–and shudder." So what makes a Christian different from a demon? We accept God's gift of salvation from Hell into glorious Heaven by acknowledging that Christ is Lord, creator of all, Son of God and Savior of our souls. We also repent of all of our sins we've committed.

I posted this video up a long time ago but it's been buried by tons of other entries and I forgot about it. I recently re-watched it and saw that it went really well with this topic so...

in loving memory of my grandpa...


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