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Random Update

So instead of exercising on Saturdays I'm going to try to accomplish my goal of doing a full split. I'll spend Saturdays stretching and I may add some aerobics in the mix.

On to another topic:
I'd like to give free advertising for Rize Up Records. I, for the longest time, have been searching for active, blogging Asians in the (Dirty) South. Why? Because half the Asians I see are either in their native country or in Cali. So I'm happy to have found Tek. I found TEK Blogs when I was searching for Kollaboration in ATL. You can check out TEK Blogs here: TEKx316

So big ups to RUR. I hope you all prosper in the Lord.

My Kind of Interracial Film

After reading this and the all the comments I had to do something to make myself feel better.

So what could make a discouraged black young lady who like Asians feel better?
Cinderella starring Brandy!!

I freakin love this movie. Like other girls I watched this when I was small and although the cast was so diverse and some literally impossible I wasn't even bothered by it as a kid.

Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella (1997)

Other interracial films starring Black female and Asian men leads  are:

Fakin the Funk 1997 (Starring Dante Basco and Tatyana Ali) - lots of profanity and racist comments though

Romeo Must Die 2000 (Not really liked because of an edited kiss scene. Starring Jet Li and Aaliyah *RIP*)

Catfish in Black Bean Sauce 1999 (Starring Chi Muoi Lo and Sanaa Lathan)

Akira's HipHop Shop 2007 (It's a short with an abrupt ending. There is news of a full film coming.)

Ninja Assassin 2009 (Romeo Must Die all over again meaning another kiss scene omitted)

Honorable Mention

Violent KPOP Managers

I saw these vids on Seoulbeats here: A Note to Idol Managers

Manager of CNBlue savagely attacks fans

SHINee manager harsh act towards a fan.

tvxq manager strikes a fan at the airport

My Reaction
I have a strong dislike for overzealous/stalker fans but this is totally unnecessary. Those manager should be glad that I wasn't there. Seriously if something like that happened to me I'd either make a bigger scene out of it so he'd get in trouble or I'd kick him back to let him know not to touch me. That type of abuse shouldn't be allowed to exist. Nobody tried to do anything in those clips. No celebrity, no fan, nor bystander. People walked around and over that last girl. If I were any of the girls in that vid I would have boycotted them for allowing such a thing to take place. Fangirls shouldn't keep feeding these big companies money to in turn abuse the fans when they come to see who they pay and popularize. This is totally ridiculous.

As a result of the first vid FN…

My Progress

So I did what I said I would. I've been exercising everyday since I set out to accomplish this goal. Today after I finished exercising I walked down the hallway to find my dad next to Steak and Shake coupons. "Mmm, Dad are you going to Steak and Shake?" I asked. He told me that my sister had volunteered to treat us. He was going to make tacos tonight anyway so I don't feel too bad about my unhealthy dinner - There was no way to avoid it!! lol

This is almost exactly what I had expect the shake was Butter Finger. I hope this doesn't set me to far back.

Kollaboration ATL

Kollaboration ATL is coming up and I'm thinking about attending but I'm scared. I'm scared that going to Kollaboration ATL will be like my old church all over again. At my old church I always felt out of place, ignored and not really talked to. I support the growing Asian-American movement to popularity. Based on Youtube most of the popular AA's are in Cali so I want to show my support for the AA's in the South. I've touched on this issue a bit before about the mix of Asian and Blacks. My point in this is that in Atlanta I don't see AM/ BW collabs. I see Asian men and Black men or Asian women but not with Black women. I felt excluded practically all my life and I don't want to purposefully put myself in a disheartening position.
What's Kollaboration? Kollaboration is an Asian Pacific Islander American/Canadian (APIA/C) non-profit organization and movement founded in 2000. Under the umbrella of ProKreation Productions, Kollaboration offici…

Asian Segregation

Unlike blacks who were segregated by another race, I've come to notice that Asians segregate themselves.
Hence my question: Why do Asian segregate themselves into little communities?
This question's been plaguing me for sometime now and I got to my final straw when I went to look for a Korean restaurant near my house and found all the major Asian restaurants were in the same vicinity. America is suppose to be the boiling pot. If you only come out to do business with people of different races you get type cast as unsociable which is probably why you're so cast in American media. (Nobody knows how you actually are.)

In all the major cities, you see the segregation in prominence. I'm getting sick of it. I try not to segregate myself from other races. If I'm with my black friends and I see someone sitting alone I'll invite them to sit with us. If I make a new friend of another race I won't leave them to the way side while I hang with my older friends. I just wa…

Celebrity Birthday!!!

The first film I ever saw him in was Things We Lost In the Fire. In it he co-starred with Halle Berry. He made it possible to be attractive and rough at the same time. His latest film was released Feb. 12th, 2010 in which he portrayed a beastly character, The Wolfman. Today is his 43rd birthday and I'd like to dedicate this post to him.
Happy Birthday Benicio!!!


Don't tease me folks. In my part of the world it doesn't snow very often and when it does it's so magical. I just wanted to share a piece of that magic with my readers.

My Winter Wonderland!!

Two Feet Deep