Kollaboration ATL


Kollaboration ATL is coming up and I'm thinking about attending but I'm scared. I'm scared that going to Kollaboration ATL will be like my old church all over again. At my old church I always felt out of place, ignored and not really talked to. I support the growing Asian-American movement to popularity. Based on Youtube most of the popular AA's are in Cali so I want to show my support for the AA's in the South. I've touched on this issue a bit before about the mix of Asian and Blacks. My point in this is that in Atlanta I don't see AM/ BW collabs. I see Asian men and Black men or Asian women but not with Black women. I felt excluded practically all my life and I don't want to purposefully put myself in a disheartening position.

What's Kollaboration?
Kollaboration is an Asian Pacific Islander American/Canadian (APIA/C) non-profit organization and movement founded in 2000. Under the umbrella of ProKreation Productions, Kollaboration officially became incorporated as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in January of 2006.
Kollaboration began in Los Angeles, but has since then expanded to 9 other cities: Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Seattle, Washington DC, Houston, Toronto, San Francisco and Tulsa. Every year, each city’s Kollaboration produces a talent competition in order to showcase their local talent. The types of acts performed during shows ranges from musicians, dancers, comedians, spoken word artists, magicians and more.
Kollaboration Atlanta began in 2008, representing local Atlanta and Southeastern Asian-American talent. This upcoming Spring, Kollaboration Atlanta will be hosting its third show at Center Stage.
Their Goals:
a. To provide a creative outlet for Asian-Americans in the Atlanta and
      Southeastern US community to share their performing talents.
  b. To promote and increase Asian-American visibility in mainstream media, where
      diversity is often stereotyped or unseen.
  c. To inspire Asian-American youth to pursue their dreams and passions in the
      performing arts and discourage delinquent activities such as drug-use and

I was thinking about going to the after party too but after looking at the pics (of the past 2 years) and only seeing one "white" girl, who looked liked she knew some of the staff, among a room full of Asian I'm sure I'll stand out. I don't like standing out, it's not comfortable.
Any advice?


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