Asian Segregation

Unlike blacks who were segregated by another race, I've come to notice that Asians segregate themselves.
Hence my question: Why do Asian segregate themselves into little communities?
This question's been plaguing me for sometime now and I got to my final straw when I went to look for a Korean restaurant near my house and found all the major Asian restaurants were in the same vicinity. America is suppose to be the boiling pot. If you only come out to do business with people of different races you get type cast as unsociable which is probably why you're so cast in American media. (Nobody knows how you actually are.)

In all the major cities, you see the segregation in prominence. I'm getting sick of it. I try not to segregate myself from other races. If I'm with my black friends and I see someone sitting alone I'll invite them to sit with us. If I make a new friend of another race I won't leave them to the way side while I hang with my older friends. I just want to see some Asian come up to me and (without wanting me to buy something or wanting help with homework) sincerely try to be my friend. I'd like to see more Asian going outside of their group to purposefully befriend another.

Tempress ranting on this epidemic

PS. Do not misconstrue what I'm saying for prejudice. I'm ranting on a topic that annoys me, which I believe should be stopped by the people initiating it.

Let me make a clarification:
This is a generalization
Not all Asians
fall into the category


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