Violent KPOP Managers

I saw these vids on Seoulbeats here: A Note to Idol Managers

Manager of CNBlue savagely attacks fans

SHINee manager harsh act towards a fan.

tvxq manager strikes a fan at the airport

My Reaction
I have a strong dislike for overzealous/stalker fans but this is totally unnecessary. Those manager should be glad that I wasn't there. Seriously if something like that happened to me I'd either make a bigger scene out of it so he'd get in trouble or I'd kick him back to let him know not to touch me. That type of abuse shouldn't be allowed to exist. Nobody tried to do anything in those clips. No celebrity, no fan, nor bystander. People walked around and over that last girl. If I were any of the girls in that vid I would have boycotted them for allowing such a thing to take place. Fangirls shouldn't keep feeding these big companies money to in turn abuse the fans when they come to see who they pay and popularize. This is totally ridiculous.

As a result of the first vid FNC Music issued an official apology to the fans on their website. They stated, “It is not right to use violence in any situation, hence the manager and all FNC Music staff would like to apologize to fans. The manager was disciplined, and was held responsible for his actions. We will make sure that this will not happen again.”

Right. I don't believe that in the least. I feel that they're more sorry about their smeared name and don't want this to hurt them any further. The manager should have come on television to make a personal, public apology. What they did was so disgraceful. Putting up a typed apology from the company should be in conjunction to a personal apology from the attacker. That would show their sincerity to put themselves on blast.

I want to see sincerity. I don't want to see this abuse again.

A very annoyed,


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