Support Your Asian Community!!!

How to support the Asian community right now!

I found a couple of ways to help.
There's a lot of words here but bare with me it'll be worth the read.

The first way, you may have seen in my blog, is through spreading the word about the new Hafu documentary. I learned about this through Watermelon Sushi  

Hafu is a documentary film on the identities and experiences of mixed-race Japanese living in Japan today.

Visit their site for more information.

12 June 2010 (Saturday)
6pm – 9pm

Venue: Las Chicas B1F in Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan
Nearest station: Omotesando Exit B2 (5 mins walk)

In honor of Loving Day - the day interracial marriage was
legalized in the United States (June 12, 1967) -
come and celebrate cultural diversity with us by
watching a sneak preview of the forthcoming
feature-length HAFU documentary film.

Meet the filmmakers and hafu project researcher, and
enjoy an evening of lives performances by
comedic HAFU duo LOVE DRIVE and Nazihah's sensual belly dancing!

All proceeds will help produce the Hafu documentary film
and the Hafu Japanese photography/research project.

With RSVP 3000 yen (includes 1 drink)
Without RSVP 4000yen (includes 1 drink)
Book your place(s) early by submitting a booking form here

The second way is by voting for Ellie of AAtheory and Seoulbeats.

"My dream in this little old life is to have my own talk show. The possibility of that ever coming true seemed way too far-fetched even for my imagination. Then this woman, I’m not to sure if you’ve ever heard of her, but she goes by the name of Oprah, decided to give someone the chance to have their own talk show. So here I am auditioning and asking for you all to vote for me. If you believe in my concept and in me, please vote and give me the chance to represent minorities and to make a difference."

Ellie: Founder of & Writer 
"I’m short, loud, & I have huge feet. I’m known to talk way too much and way too fast. I started this site because I believe Asian Americans are well on their way to rock the American entertainment industry and I strongly support anybody who is willing to step out and break the barriers. I do hope you all enjoy and love this site as much as I have grown to love and appreciate it." 


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