Why I Can't Live In South Korea

I still desire to go to Korea but not to live there. I can't recall if I wanted to live there or not but I know for a fact that I love America and don't want to permanently leave. I am very comfortable here and I don't know I think my personality will mesh too well with the society there.

Listen to the advice Megan gives in the video below:

I'm a huggy, talk to strangers, kind of flirty type of girl. That's who I am. I could stop doing that but I think it would smother my true personality. I'm just starting to understand the mind that was given to me. I don't want to change it up yet. lol

South Korea is a beautiful place that I'd love to visit but I just don't think I'd be able to live there like Megan was able to do. I applaud her for not only learning the language but also learning the culture and living her life to the fullest in a nation she wasn't raised in. I totally, %100, agree with her that if you move to another country you need to assimilate (#AmericanImmigration) and I like –no, I LOVE my American lifestyle and I have no desire to part with it.

This being said I'm trying to get back into my k-dramas, and language study which I have neglected this year. It brought me anxiety and happiness. I love Korea and America.


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