Love It Or Leave It: Music Review

I don't know about you but I love free things especially free music. I've found a few free mixtapes that I thought were cool and want to share with you all. I love it all so no need for the instructions this time. Yay my first music review in the LoVeIt Or LeaveIt series.

Fruit Cocktail
B3AR FRUIT: Various Artist

"A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit." Matthew 7:18
Kind of old but if I didn't know about this until now I'm sure someone else doesn't know about this either. This mixtape features only a few people I know but the music is inspirational, educational, encouraging and you get introduced to several different artist. The whole album has a kind of jazzy 90s feel to it.

My favorite song: Gentleness by Trip Lee, I like how he personifies Gentleness and the flow of his verses.
Release Date: November 2010
You can find it here:


The Mixtape

"I don't know if you noticed but humanity is dying slowly.  Many times we take the ostrich approach to viewing the world and stick our head in the ground.  PSA was designed to remind us that we have a job to do.   That's job is much bigger than our methods and checking off the perverbial box (i.e. rap concerts, albums, vain schemes, etc...) but it's rooted in a genuine love for God and his people.   Minus that our efforts will continue to be fruitless.  PSA"

Folks who read my blog know I'm a Conservative and not too fond of Barack Obama and Pro put his healthcare plan on blast. :D Finally Christians are speaking up politically in the entertainment industry. There's a lot of talking from others on phone calls seeming to be validity shout outs and silliness. The other tracks however are good.

My favorite song: Where Would I Be, because he talks about the after effects of an indulgent life of drugs and idolatry.

Release Date: 2010
You can find it here:

Volume 2

"PSA: Volume 2 serves as part two to the first installation of PSA. While PSA: Volume 1 was purposed to remind us of our commitment and dedication to God, Volume 2 serves as a collage of ranging ideas including attainable transformation, daily conquerable temptations, and God’s unfailing grace.  With insertions of realistic everyday trials we face, PRo intended for the average person to relate to this project.  Volume 2 acknowledges struggles while revealing that conquering any of these battles rests solely on your faith in God."

The music is harder than the Volume 1 but the message is still the same.

My favorite song: Ride ft. Brothatone, Chad Jones & Canon because I'm addicted to bass and the grit in the rapping.

Release Date: March 8, 2011
You can find it here:

Who is KB

This is our real introduction to KB. He has a song on Lecrae's album "Rehab" but to get to know "who is KB" I'd recommend this mixtape which displays his skills and what he believes much better.
He does what I love in rapping. He spits so fast I have to listen carefully to decipher the words.

There's this hilarious track on here that you might not get if don't listen to Background by Lecrae and C-Lite first.

My favorite song: Lion King, I love how KB talks about Christ. It's so true and we should have the right perspective of the Creator.
Release Date: March 21, 2011
You can find it here:


Before this mixtape the only thing I heard from him was Lecrae's "Background" (shown above). There's pure Gospel on here. Even though it's older it's still free and true. The music is jumpin and he spits fast also. That's all I got to say.

My favorite song: Washed because I loved the rapping style, beat and teaching.
Release Date: 2009
You can find it here:
(You can also find it on the site [] but there's no direct link for me to give.)+

Temp is back. Let's celebrate!! :D


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