Media Malpractice

There is a documentary by this same name that I'm using called Media Malpractice: How Obama Got Elected. You can find the film on YouTube, I strongly recommend all of my readers to check it out. I titled my blog with the same name because I've been wanting to talk about politics more and media schemes and I believe this will give me that platform. I need things to be organized which is why I have so many series.

This will be the first of prayerfully many more post on this theme. Today I'd like to build the foundation on why I'm even starting this subject.

I am a Conservative, socially and fiscally. I believe many others are also fiscally (financially) Conservative even if we don't agree on social topics. Growing up I've run into a lot of (I'm sorry to say) ignorance when it came to politics. I'm not trying to be mean but when I've asked people about why they believe the way they do they can't explain themselves or give factual information to back up claims they've laid against opposing candidates. I soon became aware of the reason so many folks were in the dark about issues they are so passionate about. The main problem was traced back to the media. Prominent news and entertainment outlets were spreading lies, twisted truths and promoting whom they wanted.

I believe the media's problem stems from journalist not doing their jobs. A journalist's job is to report factual news not bend it to what they please.

I'm not sure who's inciting these journalist to malpractice but it needs to be stopped. I know we can't stop it over night so I'm doing what I can to relay the truth to others.

Prime Example
Today I was listening to one of the major news outlets talk about the government shutdown. The news anchor talked bout how the government was going to shut down tonight if republican (Reps) and democrats didn't come to an agreement on the year's budget. Now here's the twist, they played audio of two democratic (Dems) leaders talking about how the hold up is republican's fault and that the Reps are trying to take away all health care and are attacking abortion rights. Then the news anchor went on to quote yet another democrat pointing the finger at republicans. The only republican view given was a skewed opinion on what they believe (or want you to think) the republicans to be doing.

Now besides the story itself I'd like you to look at what actually happened in you receiving the news. There was a blatant slant toward the democratic side.

1. Three Democratic representations and one opinion of the Republicans cast in negative light.
2. The Dems not held accountable for them not helping this along.
3. They showed the Dems attacking the Reps about failures done on the Reps side.
4. The media also failed to bring up the fact that this debate is happening because last year when Democrats had control of the House, Senate and Presidency and by congressional law were suppose to create a 2011 budget by September 2010 they instead continually pushed it back because they didn't want to take political heat in the 2010 elections.

Now if all you heard about the situation was the news anchors message and continued to hear throughout the days and weeks what kind of conclusion would you come to? Obviously, that the Republicans are responsible for the government shutting down instead of laying blame where it should be which is on the Democrats who forsook their duties to our government for political gain. I really want to go into this issue but I'm going to stay on topic (the more pressing issue). This is the kind of malpractice I'm referring to and below I'm going to show how it has effected America in two videos.

Media Malpractice by John Ziegler
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Why Do 91% of African-Americans Still Support Obama by John D. Villarreal

I just want people to know the truth in order to make a well-educated decision on where they stand. If your beliefs are opposed to mine I respect that wholeheartedly if that's what you believe. I don't like it though when some people are just stubborn and feeling a sense of loyalty and peer pressure, even though they know it's hurting them, won't change.

If you are one of the loyalty types I say think about your future and the future of your children. The people that you support and put in the government are suppose to represent your views and protect America, their decisions in office will effect you and your children.

I hope and I pray that you objectively look at your views on life and what persons actually line up with it and has a record of voting and promoting what you believe. Look at their actions, don't just believe what you hear.

I still love ya,


  1. My name is Melissa, and I support this post.

    I totally agree with you. As followers of Christ, we are to be leaders and not followers. We are to set the trend and not let the trends influence us.


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