iLoVeIt: Youtube Channels

I wanted to spotlight my top 3 favorite Youtube channels. Theses fall under the category of favorites because their entertaining, inspirational, and sometimes educational.

Fagottron: My sister introduced me to this channel and I've loved it ever since. Pogo, the guy who makes these songs, brings together pieces of sound and lays it over his own tunes creating these 3 minute masterpieces of art, whether he makes the vids or not I don't know. He's currently trying to remix the world like he does with movies. In his venture to take the world by music he needs funding and if you want to help out visit "kickstarter". I've talked about one of his vids in my "Phantasy" post a while back but didn't really talk about the work so there it is.

ginaBiina: This girl is funny. I like her vids because they're not only beauty tips but vlogs and I haven't found that many black females doing the whole package deal with nice quality cams to boot. Gina really looks like and acts like a good friend of mine that I haven't seen in a while and I think that's why I'm addicted to her vids. lol Anyways iLoVeIt!!

ArthurTV1996: This has almost every episode of Arthur uploaded and it looks the best also. I've loved this show since I was 7 and grew up on it. I don't like trying to catch it on tv so I just watch it online when ever I want. Funny stuff. :D

Ahh feels good to have another blog done. :)


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