Bawse Book Tour Atlanta

March 31, 2017

The Tour

   Atlanta was number 5 of 31 stops! I'm tired and I wasn't even the one walking the stage, giving a message of hard work and hope to an audience for an hour, then hugging every person in the attendance. No, that was Lilly Singh's (aka iiSuperWomanii's) job, and she did a BAWSE job too, educating and entertaining the masses with her life, personality and presence. If you can manage to not allow her beauty and awesomeness to distract you and pay attention to the message there is so much you can learn from this tour.

Bawse, as explained by Lilly is a person who exudes confidence, hustles relentlessly, reaches goals, gets hurt efficiently, and smiles genuinely because he or she has fought through it all and made it out the other side.

This tour births hope and teaches you how to bring out your inner BAWSE. Lilly's message format is an overview of the book. She basically goes over the Table of Contents of her book and expounds upon the topics with personal stories, audience interaction and her own comedic tone. This is a book tour though so a great volume of more detailed information can be found in her first voyage as an author in "How To Be A Bawse".

My Experience

   We arrived 2 hours early because we were trying to avoid the traffic of the I-85 bridge collapsing incident and were still at least 45 people deep in line. At least the venue was easy to find and we weren't late.You could feel the excitement in the air and hear the cheers as books with golden tickets were being found. Unfortunately, I was not a golden ticket holder but I was a holder of a brand new hand-signed copy of "How To Be A Bawse". I was happy regardless, especially when remembering that I may get to hug her anyways!

   One of the more exciting moments, besides seeing Lilly, was seeing Mr. Perfect Smile, Kyle aka Kwalé just nonchalantly walking the hall while I was in line. It took me by such a surprise that I practically screamed his name at him. He jumped a bit in surprise as anyone would after being yelled at but he smiled at me anyway and walked away briskly. I'm sad I didn't get a picture with Mr. Perfect Smile but he smiled at me and my sister took a picture of him later on. He is so beautiful!

   Around 6:30, before they let us in to be seated, the line started to curve down another hall. As it turned out over 400 people showed up for this SOLD OUT ATL book tour stop. We ended up 6 rows in, because a deceiving line formed for pictures in front of the BAWSE letters hindered us from moving forward. When people started jumping chairs I pulled my sister to the nearest middle seat I could find.

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   We partied hard in anticipation of Lilly's show. I got the vibe that we were trying to romance her with our Southern charm and love of music and a good time. We wanted to show her why Atlanta was the FIRST city on tour to be SOLD OUT! Team Super ATL was so diverse, genuine, loving and excited it was wonderful to see. I'm not sure how other shows proceed but we were talking to her from the audience. It was fun to hear the comments like "Preach!" and "Girl you trippin'!" Lilly just rolled with our enthusiasm like a BAWSE.

   I cried a couple times that night (I'm sure you can hear me in the video above). First time was after seeing Kwalé. I don't know why I like that boy so much but I do (if only…). The second was when Lilly ran out on to the stage and started pumping up the crowd with Machel Montano's "Like Ah Boss" blasting in the background. WOW I was on cloud nine. To top it off I was able to get a hug and picture from this beautiful being after she kindly asked me my name. I see you implementing your life lessons Lilly!

   I watch her almost everyday and I'm even glad when I miss a few vlogs because that means I have a longer time to watch her Bawse through life. She's become one of my chief inspirations for putting my all into the very blog you are currently reading. I didn't want the night to end and was not prepared for her to finish. At the end she had us pinky promise to be a Bawse in life. I hope Lilly comes back to Atlanta. Team Super ATL loves you!! The show was uplifting, motivational and educational.

The audiobook

   I read– well I listened to the book ahead of time so I could be aware of everything being talked about because I recalled her saying in an earlier vlog that she hoped her audience had read the book. I wasn't sure what to expect thus I went ahead and got the audiobook, although I knew I would receive the physical book the day of. However having read the book or not (as my sister/guest hadn't) it doesn't hinder you from understanding and enjoying the Bawse Book Tour.

   It's only 6 hours long and includes some guest surprises. I've listened to a few audiobooks and have never heard the speaker change to someone else during the reading of the book. It was interesting and fun to hear others whom I recognize read pages of "How To Be A Bawse". Lilly made her reading fun and the extra words here and there did not fall on deaf ears. It felt like I was listening to a friend, a wise friend, who was only looking out for my best. I felt the renewal of my dreams and passions after being given real tools to help make them a reality. Because of the nature of this book being a guide it will require you to reread from time to time (unless you have perfect memory) and implement the tips given. This is the book that keeps on giving, it's worth far more than the asking price.

   I hope you all pick up her book, "How To Be A Bawse" online or find a local shop on her website If you buy her book from Target you get an extra chapter and if you buy the audiobook you get to hear extra voices (not in that creepy way though haha).

   I loved seeing the BTS process of her creating the audiobook and signing hundreds of books (with the help of Nata and friends!!) in her daily vlog. Check out the vlogs and her main channel, iiSuperWomanii.

One Love,

ps. all media was photographed, recorded and screenshot by myself and my sister except the Superwomanvlog.


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