Arizona's Immigration Law

What the celebrities have to say

A-list actresses Rosario Dawson, Jessica Alba, and Eva Longoria joined forces to fight Arizona’s Immigration Law in a new public service announcement recorded for United We Win campaign. In the PSA Langoria Parker says,“I haven’t made it a secret that I’m strongly opposed to the Arizona law and I’ve been pretty vocal about it. It’s unfortunate that this immigration issue has been on the national agenda for the past three administrations.”
The Desperate Housewife goes on to comment about her fear of discrimination saying:
“I think the biggest misconception is that everybody who is dark or of colour is from somewhere else. I’m ninth-generation American. I’m more American than a lot of my Anglo friends. If my father got pulled over because of the colour of his skin, I could guarantee you I would be outraged.
The PSA will air on September 10th and hopes it will send people to vote when Arizona’s general election is held on November 2nd.
“We’re all buzzing about these things, but unless we’re actually marching to the polls, nothing is going to actually change.”

What I have to say about all this

This is not the race issue that the celebs and others try to say it is. This is a issue of safety for Americans. No one seems to care about the Americans that have been killed and looted because illegal immigrants crossed the border and caused havoc. This law comes out of American citizens trying to protect themselves because the government wont. Have you seen the border gate? It's virtually not there. These American citizens who live near the border are being categorized as racist but all they're trying to do is protect themselves. The government won't protect them and others who've never been to Arizona where the crime rate has sky rocketed or the border where illegals are crossing and killing and stealing, have everything in the world to say against their own  citizens.

I'm looking at the facts non emotionally or with bias.

You double standard liars and hypocrites stop thinking with your emotions and look at the plain facts. You believe that Americans should pull back from other countries and apologize for interfering when we are actually helping. Why don't you think illegals should leave also and apologize for illegally crossing our border, killing our citizens, stealing our possession and our jobs?

You double standard liars and hypocrites stop thinking with your emotions and look at the plain facts.

You think it's racist for a cops to pull over people to check they're stats? It's racial profiling they say. So that's your major concern? If Edwardo has his papers there's nothing to be worried about? Why are you making this huge fuss? This has been happening to LEGAL black citizens for years and yall have never EVER cried this loudly. Is it because you're guilty? (Sometimes when I'm guilty I'll make a huge fuss which overcompensates.) Is it because you know the truth? Because you know what will happen?

I'm sorry to see folks families get torn apart but if you're illegal you're ILLEGAL. Does that word mean anything to Americans anymore? Crossing the border illegally is a freakin CRIME!!! And for crimes people usually go to jail. Wait American people usually go to jail. What do you do with an illegal immigrant?!! They're not even subject to our laws?!! You send them back to where they came from in the first place.

On FoxNews when this Arizona law was first established they sent one of their news anchors down there to talk to someone who lived near the border. The rancher showed the anchor the fence, his land and the illegals in a truck facing them. You see all this tall grass on the other side of the fence and a TRUCK! Don't mind me but aren't trucks suppose to be on a road? And if you're trying to come over don't you have to go through a gate?

Although the shame is on these people it's also on the government because I'm pretty sure those people are now in America.

Is it wrong for Americans to start shooting and killing illegals who break into our houses and commit crimes in our cities? You realize that they don't exist here right? They have no official record here. Do you know that they don't pay taxes? Do yo know that we pay for them? They have no right to cry out about their situation here in America because they're not suppose to be here.

Now by this point most people think I'm a cruel and horrible person. Most will shout that the legalization of foreigners takes too long. So that makes it ok to break the law?! If your problem is with the legalization process start to try to fix that while we deport the illegals so they can come back correctly with the pride of being an American citizen. Once again you double standard liars and hypocrites stop thinking with your emotions and look at the plain facts.  

You do realize that Illegals are illegal right? I hope this message reaches somebody because people aren't thinking with their brains anymore.  

Side note: Asians yall should know. Most Asians didn't come here illegally. Your greats and grandparents worked hard to make a nice living for you all here legally. Why shouldn't anyone else be held to that same standard? Look at where your people are now in America. When it comes to monetary value yall take the cake.  

If America is so freakin horrible why aren't these illegal aliens not saving their money and catching boats and planes to other countries who will tolerate [mass] freeloaders?


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