My Perfect Imperfections

I decided to do a Tag as my comeback blog.

This tag comes from Andrea of AndreasChoice. She is a beautyvlogger and she tagged everyone so you reading this can answer here or on the video's page if you want.

Tag rules: Name three things you can't change about yourself that you don't like and three things you can't change about yourself that you do like.


My Nails: I don't like how short they are. I'm talking about the length of the pink part of my nail.
My Scars: The scars and stretch marks on my thighs made past summers difficult for me.
My Sensitive skin: I have sensitive skin I break out easily and the amount of care I have to put into taking care of it has gotten old.

              Perfections lol:

My dimples: I like dimples but sometimes I forget that I have them too. lol
My eyes: I think they're big and pretty. They come in handy when I want something from Grandma lol jk
My legs: I like the shape my calfs give them. :D

So there are my answers and now you know a little bit more about me. If you want answer this tag below I'd like to get to know you all better. :D



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