What Celebrities Can Learn From Joy Villa

"Villa’s success should be a signal to other pro-Trump celebrities, artists, and entertainers: it’s not just safe to come out of the closet, it’s beneficial. The grandees of showbiz might hate you, but an army of rebels, renegades, and deplorables in the public will rally to your side. None of this is news to me, of course...

Chadwick Moore, a gay journalist from New York who recently came out as a conservative, has discovered the same untapped market. Subjected to months of shunning, bullying, and cold-shouldering from his former liberal friends after he profiled me in Out magazine, Moore has now found in conservatism a much bigger, more appreciative and perhaps even larger audience.

Keep in mind Chadwick Moore is a gay man and Joy Villa is a black woman. The man who designed Villa’s dress is a gay Filipino immigrant. All, then, come from constituencies that the left believes it owns, and both work in fields that the left consider their home turf. But if lone rebels like them can make such an impact so quickly, something tells me that dominance is in peril." - Milo Yiannopoulos


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