Merry Christmas!

When Christmas was on it's way you heard Happy Holidays all the time in the US but when New Years came I kept hearing "Happy New Years!" You know Kwanzaa is still going on but no one is telling me "Happy Holidays" even though it's New Years and Kwanzaa! Yea, I see Happy Holidays as an attack on CHRISTmas. I'm not going to tell anyone Happy Kwanzaa because I don't celebrate it nor endorse it and most people won't either for the same reason. So why tell people to say Happy Holidays when they only celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah? Is it to make others comfortable? If some else feels offended or uncomfortable with greetings from a holiday they don't celebrate, first they should realize that people have freedom of speech and secondly that they can wish others a Happy (Whatever) also. This compulsion that media is creating to support saying Happy Holidays is bogus.

Happy New Years!!


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