180 Movie

Para ver a la española "Gadget Google Translator Sitio Web"

I've spoke about this film recently in an entry titled "The Amazing Miracle That We Call Natural". The "180 Movie" is my topic of discussion today. The Second Wednesday of every month is known as the 180 Day and to commemorate this day on iLoVeIt I'd like to share some news about this moving film. It is now available in Español!! There are over 20 countries where Spanish is the most common language spoken making the spread of the "180 Movie" even more convenient. Praise the Lord!

Here is the Spanish version of the "180 Movie":

Para obtener más información acerca de los "180 películas" mira aquíhttp://www.180movie.com/spanish/

The English version can be found here:

Also my blog is now available in multiple languages for the convenience of others. I like to visit different sites but not all of them are in English and it would be very helpful to already have a translator on site rather than having to go find a translator for the site. So I'm glad to introduce this new gadget, the Google Website Translator Gadget, located in the upper right hand corner of the iLoVeIt blog.



  1. Great post! You are getting the message of LIFE out to other languages. <3 it!


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