9/11 Remembrance

   My tale is similar to others. I was nowhere near the Twin Tower, the Pentagon nor Flight 93 on September 11th, 2001. I only saw the second plane's destruction from a tube and watched the events unfold in disbelief. Like many Americans; however, those events have been etched into my memory and have been a cause for sorrow. I was 11 at that time and had only a year worth of political knowledge, little did I know 9/11 would deepen my political interest for the next 11 years. At 18 I'd stop calling myself a Republican and change to the more befitting title of "Conservative".

  As a conservative disasters such as this reminds me of the importance of National Security. This is another reason why Bill Clinton is a man of no integrity. This is why Border patrol is so necessary. This is why we need Nuclear arms and for them not to be diminished to barely nothing by Obama. I do not agree with the way the TSA is handling affairs. Americans should not be treated as criminals or violated. I am sorry to those who travel internationally but it wasn't Americans who drove planes into various buildings that day. Our 4th Amendment rights should not be violated because of Islamic terrorist.

   The fault I find with many people today is that they don't want to name the clan of people who started war with America that day. In there eyes we are suppose to take a slap and sit down. No my brother they called us to duel and we are winning despite the casualties and the incompetent President in present power. We have defended our name as a nation, we have defended our freedom, we have defended the lives they took in America (IN OUR AIRWAY!), and we have freed millions in the Middle East from tyranny. Pacifist, Democrats and Liberals would have us be a weak and meek country but that not how America was founded and I pray to GOD that we are never known by those titles.

   I'll be honest the memorial of this day makes me wary. I'm afraid that every year that we are saddened by this act of terror against the United States that it's more power to the terrorist to be able to invoke such emotion and pain that resonates for years. I do understand the memorial though. There were many  people who did not choose to die that day and did anyway. There are also many people who chose to die that day to save the lives of others and did. Many families were broken as a result of the terrorist act and are left with a pain that they'll never forget.

So I'm going to leave you with my favorite mode of retaining information.

9/11: Phone Calls from the Towers

There is swearing and other questionable behavior throughout these films. You have been warned.   

Remember Me

Flight 93: No Greater Love

Don't Let Me Drown


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