What I Did This Summer?

Do you want to know the reason there were so few entries this summer?
I got my first "official" job. This job took a lot of my time making it difficult for me to do anything else besides the basics when I came home. At this job I did many things that I haven't done in years and I never thought I'd ever do.

I saw the beauty of a lake at sunset

I rode a horse for the first time EVER! Bonanza her I come!! I was so scared that I'd fall off the saddle. I had fun so I may even ride again.

A dream of mine since I was preteen was to see glass blowing live and this summer I got that privilege.

Got locked in a dark walk-in refrigerator with panicking children. I had to calm them down, try to get out and stop my own hyperventilation.

Went paddle boating which I haven't done in at least a decade.

Went on a field trip by bus which I haven't done in about 14 years.

Made a cool oil lava lamp.

I learned to deal with difficult people and not cry about it (at least in front of them).

I used a green screen for the first time.

I stepped on a live fish. I've never stepped on a fish in my life. I tried to pull the hook from it's mouth and failed horribly.

I had sushi for the first time. It had no raw fish and consisted of carrots, cucumbers and rice wrapped in seaweed. It was bad but because it was not prepared by someone who knew what they were doing I'm willing to try it again given the chance. Is it suppose to be sweet? Mine was and I didn't like that factor.

I learned the Israeli National Anthem, that HaTikvah ("The Hope") and a few Hebrew words.

I got out of my comfort zone to take up leadership positions.

Last I'd like to mention the thing that made my job the most fun which was the camaraderie among coworkers. I loved our get togethers outside the workplace and dancing on the job. I'll miss this the most.

I learned much this Summer and experienced many things I had no plan on doing this Summer or ever. So I thank God for those past 3 months. Looking back, the difficulties are menial compared to the fun I had.

I hope you all had a great Summer as well. I'm so ready for the Fall. This heat is very annoying at the moment.

Until my next entry,


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